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Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Mon Mar 25 10:44:23 MDT 2013

Dear PLUG:

I have a crazy idea, thought I would ask you folks because you're always honest with me.

As a technical recruiter, one of the interesting things I do is read many resumes very quickly. Similar to how, I'm sure, you can scan several lines of code to find potential bugs just through glancing at it, I scan document after document trying to find similarities between potential candidates and job openings that I need to fill.

To be good at my job, I need to quickly find potential matches between candidates on many levels: technical skills, cultural match, probable salary range, etc.  I will often use a resume, online profile, social media or blogging sites, et cetera to whittle masses of data to potential candidates.

Often, candidates are surprised to learn that the job that they want (especially when they apply for a job) and the job that their resume says they want are not aligned very well. So, here's the crazy idea:

Would any of you be interested in letting me review your online profile or resume and give you my blunt feedback about:
- The job I think you are "going for", this is what I see in your profile that I would call/ping you about if I had a match. 
– The salary range you should expect,
– The kind of company you would be happy working for.
– The job level or title you should be expecting. (Engineer, Sr. Engineer, etc)
-- Any "gotchas" I see that make me wonder about you as a candidate (and light feedback about how to possibly handle them)

In return, I'd like to blog about your profile/resume. By default, I'd keep you/your employer(s) anonymous, but I would note publicly the things I see, improvements to make, etc.

I won't harass you or try to sell anything to you (or about you). The return I get is simply some interesting content for my blog (I'm relaunching and possibly some additional recruiter street-cred. It's not worth much, but every nickel helps.

If you WANT me to conduit jobs your way that may be a match to your interests, I can do that, too, but I'm NOT looking to monetize you. 

How about this: If a money-making opportunity comes my way because of your profile (say, a company calls and says you are the perfect candidate for them), and you indicate you're willing to be notified, I agree to notify you both of the job, and if there's a profit motive for me, so everything's clear. At that point, I can hand you off directly to the company inquiring or I can liaise on your behalf, in which case I would likely earn a fee from the company if you are placed.

This is all free-flow ideas at this point. I'm willing to see what terms YOU would be comfortable with as I would be using your personal information for my content... I don't want that decision to be something you regret. 

If you're open to doing this, reply off-list? I'll have to work up some brief terms or something to be sure I use your information only as you would want/permit, but then I'd look to post a minimum of a profile a week. 

If you have other comments/questions, I'm open to a discussion on-list... And the eventual degradation of the conversation to matters of more universal import such as trimming/bottom-posting, why recruiters are even allowed on this list, and the benefits/drawbacks of various brands of tin-foil when making hats. :)

flameRetardantEnabled = ON;

Robert Merrill 

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