Europa Rebirth

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Sun Mar 24 12:46:24 MDT 2013

I paid the PLUG server (Europa) a visit yesterday. It isn't happy. It is time
to refresh hardware. Adobe has donated a rather nice server to our group (one
of our older production models with all the trimmings). We should have all we
need to make a go of it. However, I need some help due to limited time.

Therefore, I am looking for someone (in PLUG or not) that has an interest in
Linux System Administration. I'd prefer the person NOT be experienced. Perhaps
they are interested in a career in System Administration. They probably should
be 16+ years old and need to be able to heft a server. What this volunteer
will do:

* Be responsible for a very expensive server.
* Install Linux.
* Config it for optimal performance, security, and a long life.
* Transfer the following:
- Server Config (users, etc)
- Database
- Web stuff
- Mailing lists
- Other various "items" which I will explain.
* Install the new server in the datacenter (C7 at Bluffdale).
* Minimize downtime through good planning, etc.
* Properly decom old server.

I will walk this person through the project details. They need to be familiar
with command line and basic administration, ready to go to the next level.
This is a opportunity for someone who wants to get a taste of a real
"professional" IT project. We will run it just like any other production level
IT project at Adobe (with less bureaucracy). The current PLUG setup is in
really good shape (minus hardware), so it should be a solid experience.

The person needs to be able to meet with me at Adobe to discuss the project.
Anyone know of someone who might be interested in this responsibility?


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