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On Thursday, March 21, 2013 04:36:47 PM Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Pluggers:
> I've been playing with SpiceWorks.  It has some of what I
> it's free and it runs on a separate server accessible via a browser.
> But it has some problems as well, such as connecting to certain
> machines and it seems difficult to troubleshoot as to why it won't
> connect.
> Anybody out there have a suggestion for an snmp solution?

My past ventures in SNMP-land have been nightmarish. It's a steep curve, 
that's for sure. 

Nagios has some nice plugins for finding the kind of information you mentioned 
from various platforms, but you usually have to install something on the 
system to get it to report back. Nagios has the added bonus of providing 
alerts when certain variables cross thresholds (e.g. temperature goes above XX 
degrees or available disk space drops below XX GB.)

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