Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Mar 21 16:36:47 MDT 2013


I've been playing with SpiceWorks.  It has some of what I
it's free and it runs on a separate server accessible via a browser.
But it has some problems as well, such as connecting to certain
machines and it seems difficult to troubleshoot as to why it won't

Anybody out there have a suggestion for an snmp solution?

I need to be able to monitor all computers on my network.
I'd like to even know things like
a) processor heat - e.g. is there a broken fan which is causing a
processor to overheat.  Is this possible?
b) does a machine has virus protection installed and running
c) does the machine has the latest windows 7 updates
d) Can the machine identify linux computers - e.g. which Distro, which version
e) printers (BTW SpiceWorks does this well.  The other day it told me
a printer was out of ink.)

Any opinions on Quest's Foglight?

I've got about 90 machines (PC, switches, servers, printers, etc) to
look after.

Other thoughts?


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