Hard Disk IDs in Linux

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Tue Mar 19 04:10:20 MDT 2013

FYI, you can use the md raid10 driver with as few as two drives, and
it doesn't have to be an even multiple of drives--3 will work
(although with 3 you could still only lose at most one drive of
course--but rebuild speed would be much faster than for raid5 since
you only have to read half as much data to reconstruct the missing
disk--one full disk's worth rather than both remaining disks
entirely). The layout you get with 3 drives and md raid10 driver is
a.k.a. raid 1e.

For the case of two disks, a near layout will be equivalent to a raid1
layout--but you should be able to get near raid0 read performance.

These may be helpful:


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