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S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Mon Mar 18 16:07:52 MDT 2013

Not to kill the conversation but the decision was made to go with some
Cisco gear in a quality outdoor enclosure.
Specifically these
The thinking is that if one goes out, it's easy & cheap enough to get
spares (technically these are high end Linksys I think, but they carry
the Cisco logo and that made the investors happy).
It also gives them some features they didn't know they wanted :)

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Troy Bowman <troy at> wrote:
> I second the RouterBoard suggestion.  Mikrotik's
> RouterBoard<>line has lots of economical and
> intelligent solutions, and their RouterOS
> is Linux at its core, so it has all of the networking features Linux has in
> an easy to configure, extremely economical package.
> The suggested RB493 is 9-port, and costs $199, but if you're willing to
> lose 4 ports and you're going to use this for a redundant network with
> nodes outdoors every 1000 meters, then you might want to get the $40
> RB260GS<>for a layer
> 2 <> spanning
> tree<>-provided
> redundant switching solution, or the $60
> RB750GL<>for an
> OSPF <>,
> VRRP<>,
> or even BGP routing
> <>redundant layer
> 3 <> routing solution.  It shouldn't be
> hard to find outdoor
> enclosures<>for
> these to fit in, either.
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Corey Edwards <tensai at> wrote:
>> On 03/18/2013 01:14 PM, Lonnie Olson wrote:
>> > From what it sounds like, he just needs small switches.  Managed
>> > switches w/ VLANs might be nice to segregate each house.  Though the
>> > router boards Corey suggested sound really good.
>> That's a good thought, too. You could pick up a solid IP67 switch like a
>> Sixnet, but you'll spend far more on it than you would a Routerboard.
>> The RB493s have an integrated switch chip that allows hardware switching
>> between ports, so you could set up VLANs and bypass the routing. Or go
>> with routing, or mix and match. I love them.
>> Oh and just so we're clear, they're Linux based so I am still on topic.
>> We do have a topic for this list right? :)
>> Corey
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