How to get 1 or 2Km of optical fiber?

Steve Alligood steve at
Mon Mar 18 11:14:14 MDT 2013

If it's local, you can just use the new MTP stuff (multi fiber ribbon), which is a single connector with 12 strands in the patch cable.

You would need  40GBASE QSFP+ optics, but for shorter runs (100m and 150m on OM3 and OM4, respectively).  It should be less expensive than the WDM approach, if the distance isn't an issue.

On Mar 18, 2013, at 10:33 AM, Lloyd Brown wrote:

> Yes, exactly.  We have quotes for some 40GBASE-LR modules (1310nm) that
> will go up to 10km over a single physical pair of SMF.  They do use WDM
> and have 4 wavelengths, though I'm not sure if that's considered Dense
> or Coarse WDM; that's really just semantics, right?
> Given our specific situation, and the fact that we have about 30 pair of
> dedicated SMF between the two rooms in question, we're actually looking
> at a much cheaper, though non-standard solution for our room-to-room
> 40GbE, that does use 4 distinct pairs.

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