How to get 1 or 2Km of optical fiber?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Mon Mar 18 02:17:48 MDT 2013

Hello Pluggers,

Still in Ecuador and still working on the same project of bringing
highspeed telecommunications to a small town in a rural area.
I did find out that it's not TOO rural.  Evidently one of the major
backbone lines for South & Central America is about 10Km away and
there is a telco office 1.5Km away that peers to that backbone and
they may be willing to let us colo there.

So the question then becomes how exactly does one obtain 1 or 2 Km of
optical fiber?
All google is giving me on the subject is links to places that sell
short runs and patch cables, although I did find a good deal on a
1000BaseT to Fiber connector that says it's good for up to 100Km.

I'm guessing that optical fiber for distance runs, generally comes in
very large spools.  But I'm not seeing any suppliers or OEMs.
Does anyone have some links I could try because they really want to do
this and I think it would be awesome to hook a small town in Ecuador
up with gigabit internet :)


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