HW Raid monitoring

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 00:05:14 MDT 2013

*All this discussion about raid levels and what not has brought to my mind
a different, if related, question. One of the reasons I like software raid
is that it's easy to monitor. For example, I could have a cron script that
runs once every 15 minutes for example and checks the status of the
/proc/mdstat file to ensure any raid(s) listed show status of Healthy. But
how do you do something like that for a Hardware raid? How can you tell,
for example, if drive #3 in a HW raid10 has failed? This is something I
honestly don't know off my head. I know many of you folks have had
experience with HW raid and device failures in that array. How do you know?
There's no file you can check like mdstat is there? I'd think this would be
especially important for remote hosted/co-located servers.*

* *

*If someone could soothe my curiosity on this, I'd appreciate it!*

* *

*--- Dan*

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