Back to the subject of Cat5e?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Fri Mar 15 22:11:36 MDT 2013

Alright so a decision has been made on that long run of cat 5.
The main run of cable is down what we are calling "center street".
Which runs east and west.
Each side of each block has between 2 and 6 lots.

There are 4 streets with 4 corners each for a total of 16 corners
At each corner we will be digging up the cat 5, splicing it with ends
and tying it into a router of some sort.
Thus we will need 16 routers.

Each router will service the homes on the block it is on, and we are
considering some way of failing over from 1 router to another in the
event one fails (there will be network monitoring going on).
The maximum run length will now be 75 meters.

The question then is what is a good router/switch (up to a max of 8
ports needed), to put in these outdoor enclosure boxes.
The environment is coastal and there is a LOT of rain, but no other
weather to speak of and the temperature is warm but not hot, 70-85f
year round.
I've already explained that there will probably need to be a hardware
refresh every 2 to 5 years, and that they should purchase 20 routers
The budget for the hardware needs to stay below $10kUSD.

Any suggestions?

Oh by the way, I mentioned fiber to the curb for the next phase of
development and they are all for it.
The local telco switch is about 1Km away and I got an average bid of
$1/meter to string the fiber assuming we can get the incumbent telco
to let us colo some equipment there.
I guess they like the idea of a UTOPIA like system out here in rural Ecuador.

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