Safe Instant Messaging

Jason Klebs jasonk at
Fri Mar 15 16:03:02 MDT 2013

I agree it is wise to be weary of Skype.  Unfortunately, the network
effect is so large now, it will be hard to convince many to switch away
from it.

A few alternatives I have considered:

1) Google talk (or any other chat service) with OTR:

2) Use your own IM server with ejabberd

3) Just use Facebook chat instead...they use https now, right? ;-)


On 03/15/2013 03:38 PM, Nathan England wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have been a long time user of Skype, but naturally grew fearful when 
> Microsoft took over, and assumed there was a security risk because the 
> service was growing large. Now it appears Microsoft really has developed 
> a back-door into the system and the Russian government has been 
> watching... Which only leads me to believe if they were doing it, so was 
> our government.
> Which all leads me to the question: what can we use for instant 
> messaging that is safe for us from a privacy stand point, and secure 
> enough to possibly use for employment purposes?
> I appreciate your thoughts!

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