Labeling disks

Daniel Fussell dfussell at
Wed Mar 13 18:21:12 MDT 2013

On 03/13/2013 05:06 PM, Corey Edwards wrote:
> On 03/13/2013 04:53 PM, John Nielsen wrote:
>> Using LVM would give me what I'm looking for, but I really would just
>> use it for the naming so it seems kind of silly: - each drive would
>> be its own volume group - each volume group would have exactly one
>> logical volume
> I would still recommend LVM. The overhead is essentially nil, it's quite
> standard across distributions, and it's robust. You'll also have
> flexibility if your needs change down the road.
> Corey
And by flexibility, he means crazy awesomeness like moving the volume to 
a different drive while it's being used.

Just make sure you have a decent replacement plan for _when_ a drive 
dies.  LVM will only make that situation worse, or at least more 
complicated, if you can't handle and recover from the failure.

;-Daniel Fussell

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