Cat 5 extended run?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Tue Mar 12 00:50:09 MDT 2013

Hey everyone.

I've been asked to salvage a project where someone laid cat 5 to all
the houses in a neighborhood but didn't seem to have a concept of
signal loss in long runs of cat 5.
Assuming this is a max of 250m from the head end, is there an
amplifier or relay or something that can be placed at the end points
to mitigate the packet loss issues?
As far as I can tell each house has it's own dedicated run so it's not
like they're sharing a single cable or anything, but I'm really not
sure what to recommend.
The cat5 is to the curb but it's already buried in concrete and all I
have to work with are cable ends that will eventually be tied into
homes which have about a 5 to 10m setback from the curb.
There is also a head end at a guard shack (gated community), however
it looks to just be a basic tie in point.
Seems like there was a company in Utah that tried this not too many
years back, and IIRC it didn't work out so well, but my memory could
be faulty too.
Anyways, any ideas that might be helpful.  There are 30 homes, and
this cable is buried under road and concrete so removing it &
replacing it to do it correctly is probably not an option at this


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