Raspberry Pi & standard USB Wi-Fi

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 00:29:23 MDT 2013

*> You'll want a powered usb hub to reliably power things like wifi*

*> adapters with the pi.*

* *

*Ok, could I, in theory, power the pi with the same hub? I'm already
running out of plugs on that outlet, and in fact have daisy chained so many
power cables into that outlet pair that I grow leery of adding too many
more plugs. I know powered USB hubs can power many different devices. So
I'd think that if I got the correct cable I'd be able to plug the hub
itself into the wall, then plug the hub's USB feed cable into the pi and
plug a cable from the hub to it's microusb port to provide the power, and
use the other ports on the hub for things like the wifi adapter and
keyboard/mouse. I haven't actually had any experience with powered USB hubs
(or with any USB hubs really) so I don't know if this is fine in theory and
bad in practice or if it's a viable idea.*


* *

*> wine is x86 only. The pi is arm.*

*Ok, so obviously it won't run any windows programs (I was kind of afraid
of that). Although, now that Windows 8 RT is designed to run on ARM chips I
wonder how long before we start seeing ARM compatibility for wine.
Meanwhile I'll have to look at other programs to use instead of those I was
thinking of.*

* *

*> As far as I know, it supports sdhc, which means up to 32gb.*

* *

*32GB would probably be enough for my needs, although it seems to me that
there was an article recently in the March issue of Nuts & Volts magazine
that I got yesterday that talked about the pi and mentioned cards in sizes
of up to 128GB. Still, I think 32GB is plenty for what I have in mind. It
won't be storing things very much for very long. I may even be able to get
away with 16GB but that's getting a bit low. Too bad they keep going in
powers of two. A 24GB card would be just perfect. :)*

* *

*> It's a computer-- I bought a plastic case that mine goes in.*

*That's the first I've heard of anyone having the pi in a plastic case. Two
articles (one in Maximum PC a few months ago and one in Nuts & Volts just
this month) have failed to mention that little detail. Any recommendations
for a good case and where I can get it? :)*

* *

*> raspbian does have iceweasel in its repos (iceweasel is the firefox fork*

*Hey, as long as it runs standard FireFox plugins then it sound good to me.
:) What about Thunderbird? Does it, or any ports, exist in the repos?*

* *

*Thanks guys!*

*--- Dan*

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