Raspberry Pi & standard USB Wi-Fi

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 05:33:55 MDT 2013

> Any Micro-USB power source will work, though some might be better than

Would the Micro USB cable be ok from a powered USB hub? As I just
mentioned, an idea that came to me was using the hub not only as a hub but
a power source. But I don't know for sure that such would work. I don't see
why not off my head, but I'm far from an expert on such ideas.

> I use one from Monoprice and it works great.

Thanks for that one. I'll look into that.

> Buy a case for it. There are *tons* of options.

> Adafruit carries a ton of them. http://adafruit.com/category/105

I'll have to look into that. Strange that two different magazine articles
on the pi didn't mention that there are cases you can buy for them.

> I currently use a 32GB card, and it works great. Buying a faster card

That's a good tip. 32GB is likely enough for my needs, but I do want it to
be somewhat fast. :)

> The official distribution, Rasbian, contains plenty of packages. But

> it's not the only distro you can use. You can use Arch or even

> Fedora

I don't know as I'd want to use Arch. Isn't that a source based
distribution kind of like Gentoo? Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Gentoo! But I
don't know as I'd want to take the time to compile things on a 700MHz chip.
Besides, the Raspbian distro has some tools built in specifically for the
pi, like overclocking utils and utils to change the system/video memory
split. Fedora for ARM may or may not have those.

Thanks for the info guys!

--- Dan

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