Powerline Ethernet adapters & UPS?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 05:31:51 MDT 2013

Hey, has anyone ever used PowerLine Ethernet adapters that have been
plugged into UPS modules? I've got three computers that I'm placing in my
new home that PXE boot from a fourth. Wi-Fi won't work since I can't
associate the Wireless NIC with an AccessPoint before the Bios/UEFI tries
to obtain a DHCP address, and I don't want them all in the same room due to
noise/heat concerns. Therefore, Powerline Ethernet seems to be the best
option for me. But I don't believe they work in the event of power loss.
Therefore I'd need a UPS (and I have a couple). But wouldn't the UPS scrub
the network signal from the powerline in the course of it's normal
operation, considering it just powerline noise? How can I (or CAN I?)
maintain a network signal during a blackout/brownout/whatever? I can
combine things as much as possible, but heat and noise really cause a
requirement of two rooms minimum. Say the main workstation in the front
room and the others in an empty bedroom or something? Right now I just use
two empty bedrooms and drag a cable between them, but that won't work in
the new house.

Thanks for any help on this!
--- Dan

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