Raspberry Pi & standard USB Wi-Fi

Jeff Anderson jefferya at programmerq.net
Thu Mar 7 22:52:55 MST 2013

On 3/7/13 10:30 PM, Dan Egli wrote:
> *Hey, has anyone used that Raspberry Pi single-board-computer? I'm looking
> into getting something like that setup as a tinker project but had a couple
> of questions. If someone knows the answers to these, please let me know.
> Thanks!*
> * *
> *1) What kind of power supply device do I need to get the Pi running, and
> where can I get one?*
It has a microusb connector for power.
> *2) I know the Pi has USB ports on it. Does that mean I could take a
> standard USB Wi-Fi adapter like I'd grab from Staples off the shelf and
> make it work on the Pi?*
Yes. I've had success with
personally. See also:

You'll want a powered usb hub to reliably power things like wifi
adapters with the pi.
> *3) Has anyone heard how well PC centric programs like Wine would work on
> it? Not for major things or games, but smaller things like maybe Quicken or
> maybe some Windows based file sharing program like Shareaza or something? *
wine is x86 only. The pi is arm.
> *4) What is a safe surface to place the Pi on so as to avoid excess static?
> I know the device doesn't have a case of it's own so is it safe to, for
> example, leave the pi in it's box while it's running? This is in case my
> Niece & Nephew come to visit. Especially my Nephew loves to look at
> anything that is electronic and then frequently leaves it on the floor.
> Since most of my home is carpet that could lead to a catastrophic static
> buildup. I figured if it's in it's box (or some other generic container)
> then he (and she for that matter, although not as much) are less likely to
> grab it, and if they DO grab it it would theoretically survive being
> dragged across the carpet a few feet.*
It's a computer-- I bought a plastic case that mine goes in.
> *5) What's the biggest SD Card you've ever heard of running on the Pi? The
> mentions I saw of it spoke of 4GB and 8GB cards. I would hope it supports
> at least 64GB cards. Do cards go above 128GB? It seems to me I've heard of
> 256GB cards but I could be mistaken.*
As far as I know, it supports sdhc, which means up to 32gb
> *6) Since it's a distribution of Debian (even if modified) that runs on it,
> I'm assuming standard tools like Firefox and such can be found without the
> need to try and compile them on the Pi (compiling the latest Firefox on a
> 700MHz cpu would take a lot of time I'd rather skip). Has anyone heard
> differently?*
raspbian does have iceweasel in its repos (iceweasel is the firefox fork
that's in upstream debian)

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