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On Mar 5, 2013, at 11:22 AM, "Jessie A. Morris" <jessie at> wrote:

> Any leads would be great.

Fusion-io is hiring many interns this summer. Most in Salt Lake (Cottonwood Heights).

Linux exp is ideal. Hardware (FPGA or ASIC), embedded, driver/kernel, QA, UEFI, Core Team, Tools team, SDK, FileSystems (butrfs) and more. There's even some higher level app dev and a small amount of web and UI.

Python is scripting language of choice. Usually C or C++ does the heavy lifting around here. 

I'm available to route anyone/give advice on fit. 

"Why Fusion-io? Well... we happen to make the fastest SSDs on earth. ... Oh,  and free lunch everyday!"

(Hey, I even trimmed and bottom-posted!)

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