Video Cards

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Mon Mar 4 18:03:09 MST 2013

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:57 PM, Charles Curley
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> Sorry, this is the wrong place for that. Out of our tremendous respect
> for the Buddhists on this list, we decline to engage in flame wars.

But we'll gladly donate fuel. ;)

I believe that current prevailing sentiment is approximately:

- nvidia proprietary driver provides the most stability with complete
feature support for their cards--but it's binary and taints your soul.
- noveau driver supports nearly all nvidia cards, is fully open,
nearly as fast for 3d, but doesn't support all features of all cards.
- intel - fully open, full feature support AFAIK, and full
performance, with the caveat that intel's hw is just not as fast.
- amd drivers--proprietary and open source, I'm not current on their
status, but last I knew both had full feature support and close
performance, but I've heard of stability complaints over the last few
years with the proprietary driver.

As usual, trade-offs abound.

For the record, I used ATI back when the open source driver had full
hw acceleration for the R100 (original Radeon card), then switched and
have used nvidia with no complaints ever since on several different

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