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Joshua Marsh joshua at
Mon Mar 4 18:00:05 MST 2013

I've pretty much exclusively used ATI(AMD). Until recently, I was even
running a myth box with an ATI card. All have worked well for me. I've used
both the open source and proprietary drivers. Last time I tested, I got
better FPS with the proprietary drivers.

You'll want to check the driver website before buying. Some older cards are
no longer supported by the proprietary drivers.
 On Mar 4, 2013 4:35 PM, "Nathan England" <nathan at> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm looking to incite a flame war. I was under the impression that the ATI
> graphics driver that is open-sourced was being developed by the community,
> not
> directly by AMD. Is it true that AMD is developing the driver itself?
> I want to buy a new video card that is capable of playing a few games I
> like
> to kill time with, probably in windows until Steam gets some more linux
> stuff,
> but I also want good support in my KDE environment.
> I have always stuck with Intel because it has awesome support in Linux...
> Now
> I need to choose between nVidia and AMD. Because of many comments and
> support
> for AMD I recently purchased a new AMD machine that I intend to use for my
> development server, but until I replace my workstation, I am using it for
> that. It has an AMD graphics built in Radeon HD 6530D. I have been
> pleasantly
> surprised by this card using the open source driver, but I'm wondering how
> it
> would work with the proprietary driver, and I'm a little scared to attempt
> to
> install it.
> If you were going to buy a new card today (sub-$100) what would you buy and
> why? I value your opinions, which are also more current than what Google is
> returning...
> I appreciate your thoughts!
> Nathan England
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