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If you can find it, get a GTX 550 ti. Last time Newegg was selling it it
went for ~$110. I've had better luck with nvidia's linux drivers than with

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:35 PM, Nathan England <nathan at> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm looking to incite a flame war. I was under the impression that the ATI
> graphics driver that is open-sourced was being developed by the community,
> not
> directly by AMD. Is it true that AMD is developing the driver itself?
> I want to buy a new video card that is capable of playing a few games I
> like
> to kill time with, probably in windows until Steam gets some more linux
> stuff,
> but I also want good support in my KDE environment.
> I have always stuck with Intel because it has awesome support in Linux...
> Now
> I need to choose between nVidia and AMD. Because of many comments and
> support
> for AMD I recently purchased a new AMD machine that I intend to use for my
> development server, but until I replace my workstation, I am using it for
> that. It has an AMD graphics built in Radeon HD 6530D. I have been
> pleasantly
> surprised by this card using the open source driver, but I'm wondering how
> it
> would work with the proprietary driver, and I'm a little scared to attempt
> to
> install it.
> If you were going to buy a new card today (sub-$100) what would you buy and
> why? I value your opinions, which are also more current than what Google is
> returning...
> I appreciate your thoughts!
> Nathan England
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