The difference 1 little change can make.

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sat Jun 29 19:01:18 MDT 2013

I see my original request for help hasn't posted yet because it was 45k and
message length seems to be 40k.  (I put in a bunch of diagnostic info).

So here's the deal.  I suffered some corruption with ecryptfs and lost a
bit of my more important apps (things which don't install themselves but
just launch out of home).  After that I realized I had basically horked my
install due to adding some bad repos.  So I decided to try a clean install
of the latest version of ubuntu.

Everything went well except after rebooting and performing updates etc, the
computer sounded like a jet engine.  It was fully available and snappy but
running full throttle constantly.

I tried a bunch of different little tweaks, but nothing I did seemed to
help.  The system was fully available and running like a champ, but it was
just running too loud and too hot.

In desperation I posted a requested to the list for help, then got a bounce
message because the message was evidently too big.   Evidently I gave too
much information with lsmod, lspci and ps ax.

So I gave up for a bit and went about my day.  I eventually came back to
the problem a few hours later and started looking for distros that were
linux optimized.  I found one, but it's evidently no longer being created
called fuduntu.  Still I evaluated what it did different and noticed it had
an app called "jupiter" that was supposed to help with battery life.

Jupiter is no longer being maintained, but I found a replacement called
TLP.  I installed tlp and now my laptop is dead silent except when it needs
to kick up for extra horsepower like a compile.

Let me just say I am very, very happy with tlp.  Whatever it's doing it
solved my problem, my system is no longer running full throttle.  So just a
tip, if you install a new distro on a laptop consider putting tlp on it as
soon as you're finished with the install.  It helps ALOT.

I've now had 4 hours of happily running unplugged doing what I normally
do.  If the battery meter isn't lying to me I still have 2 more hours at
the current pace before I need to plug back in aain.

With my previous distro (Linux mint) I was lucky to get 3.  With windows 8
(which is what this thing shipped with) I was getting 2.5 - 3 regularly and
could do 4 only if I was on power saver and shut down wifi.

Thanks everyone for your eternal unending patience with me, and I hope this
helps someone else in the future.

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