Defining Libertarianism (was Defining Terrorism)

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at
Thu Jun 27 18:34:53 MDT 2013

On 06/27/2013 06:14 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> You'd be correct.  It was an exaggeration chock full of keywords and terms
> that are widely reported as "red flags" in an attempt to be humorous.
> I'm guessing I loaded it up with enough of them to cause not only alarm
> bells to go off, but probably set off the smoke detector, the fire alarm
> and the earthquake signal.
> Except I know better.  Most likely no human being will ever see it outside
> our little group, unless of course someone here does loose their mind and
> actually attempt any of that.
> However I do hold out hope that perhaps it will make it on to some analysts
> screen somewhere and they will get a chuckle out of it.
> Think about it, we are the Provo Linux Users Group.  That's a pretty
> geographically small area and it's about 26 miles to bluffdale.
> The bluffdale datacenter is to be staffed by hundreds or even thousands of
> people just like us.
> People from around the country with skills and interests in hacking, linux,
> crypto and all the other cool things we talk about on this list.
> Think about it for a minute guys.  90% of the people working in positions
> where they would see this message are exactly like us, probably feel the
> same way we do too.
> The only part that wasn't an distortion was the invitation to the PLUG
> meetings.
> Wouldn't it be nice to get our meetings jam packed again?
> Perhaps some of them will see the whole letter, read it for what it was
> (humour) and come to our meeting.
> I realize they're physically closer to SLLUG, but we're the better group,
> everyone knows that. :)
> Also I do like pepperoni pizza :)  Also I haven't owned a Casio watch since
> the 1980s.
> On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Russel Caldwell <caldr704 at>wrote:
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You actually owned a Casio watch??! *GASP*
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