Defining Libertarianism (was Defining Terrorism)

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Thu Jun 27 18:14:27 MDT 2013

You'd be correct.  It was an exaggeration chock full of keywords and terms
that are widely reported as "red flags" in an attempt to be humorous.
I'm guessing I loaded it up with enough of them to cause not only alarm
bells to go off, but probably set off the smoke detector, the fire alarm
and the earthquake signal.
Except I know better.  Most likely no human being will ever see it outside
our little group, unless of course someone here does loose their mind and
actually attempt any of that.

However I do hold out hope that perhaps it will make it on to some analysts
screen somewhere and they will get a chuckle out of it.

Think about it, we are the Provo Linux Users Group.  That's a pretty
geographically small area and it's about 26 miles to bluffdale.
The bluffdale datacenter is to be staffed by hundreds or even thousands of
people just like us.
People from around the country with skills and interests in hacking, linux,
crypto and all the other cool things we talk about on this list.
Think about it for a minute guys.  90% of the people working in positions
where they would see this message are exactly like us, probably feel the
same way we do too.
The only part that wasn't an distortion was the invitation to the PLUG

Wouldn't it be nice to get our meetings jam packed again?

Perhaps some of them will see the whole letter, read it for what it was
(humour) and come to our meeting.
I realize they're physically closer to SLLUG, but we're the better group,
everyone knows that. :)
Also I do like pepperoni pizza :)  Also I haven't owned a Casio watch since
the 1980s.

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Russel Caldwell <caldr704 at>wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 9:48 AM, Lonnie Olson <lists at> wrote:
> > On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 1:28 AM, S. Dale Morrey <sdalemorrey at>
> > wrote:
> > > We are a loosely associated group of privacy and freedom loving hackers
> > > mostly living within 20 miles of the new NSA datacenter in Bluffdale.
> > > We all feel that we are Patriots and most of us have guns and are
> willing
> > > to use them in the defence of our homes and our freedoms.
> >
> > Who is this "We" you refer to?  Some weird political group you are
> > associated with?
> >
> > If you mean PLUG, I have to strongly object to this paragraph.  PLUG
> > is in no way defined by these ideas.  There are many members of PLUG
> > (myself included) that strongly reject these statements.  Not all of
> > them respond on the mailing list.  Please do not infer these
> > statements because there is a vocal minority on the list that does
> > believe in them.
> >
> I think he exagerated the situation to be funny . . .         but I could
> be wrong.
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> coefficient to more limited and obvious informal operations; but it is
> nonsensical to aim at the total elimination of our personal participation."
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