New Laptop For sale

Tom Hanks tjhanks at
Thu Jun 27 16:25:53 MDT 2013

Greetings All,

My client purchased this laptop w/ 2year warranty

However, his primary use for this is presentations using a wireless 
remote presenter device.  The device has an Alt-Tab function built into 
it which he uses to switch from slides to video and back again.  However 
this alt-tab function in windows 8 only switches between current app and 
desktop view.  Alt-Tab on keyboard works fine, but remote does not.  
Long story short, he's tried two other remote presenters, spoken to MS 
and Lenovo and both blame the other, he's fed up and want's to get rid 
of it.  Newegg is where he purchased, but too painful to restock.

If anyone is interested in this device, asking price is a reasonable 
offer above 1k and yes, the 2yr warranty is transferable. (see item 16 
in terms and conditions at

Please feel free to contact me off-list.


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