Defining Libertarianism (was Defining Terrorism)

Russel Caldwell caldr704 at
Thu Jun 27 07:47:55 MDT 2013

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 8:51 PM, Chris < at> wrote:

> Many interesting thoughts have been expressed in this thread.
> On the topic of government's legitimacy as the sole proprietor of the use
> of force, some of you might be interested in the point of view described
> here:
> David Friedman: The Machinery of
> Freedom<>
> I think there's more merit to this than many give credit. However, I also
think there are real issues that are not dealt with, the tyranny of justice
discussed by Daniel being one. The vigilante justice that Dale talked about
is simply a subset of that. I think there's also a potentially serious
issue of justice for the poor and disadvantaged which David Friedman never
discusses in the video. As I've repeatedly said in this thread we need to
head back in this direction more as a country. Let's give liberty a chance.

"The legitimate purpose of formalization lies in the reduction of the tacit
coefficient to more limited and obvious informal operations; but it is
nonsensical to aim at the total elimination of our personal participation."
-- Michael Polanyi

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