Defining Terrorism

Josh Fenio std3rr at
Wed Jun 26 18:48:17 MDT 2013

On Jun 26, 2013, at 6:07 PM, Sasha Pachev <sasha at> wrote:

>> I don't need your stories about Mother Russia, either, every email message
>> you concoct has some relation to it
> Is that your way of saying you have lost this argument? :-)


> Have you ever lived in a culture that did not believe the American
> values? When you construct your arguments do you realize that America
> - even though a great country to which I chose to move - represents
> only a small fraction of the world?  Can you imagine for a second that
> there might be people in the world, in fact being in majority, that do
> not take for granted what you take for granted?

Well, yes, I have.  I was in both Afghanistan and Iraq for extended periods as a cavalry scout (19D) attached to both the 1st Cav and the 75th Rangers.  I can do more than imagine it, believe me.

> If you were there, what are the
> chances that you would have refused or even just sabotaged the order?
> So I decided to call your bluff on that example.

It's not a bluff - I have disobeyed a direct order based on moral objections. It wasn't an order to execute a group of civilians - it was an order to basically turn the other way while an atrocity happened.  Myself and two others decided to intervene anyway.  It was only because of a great platoon sergeant and an understanding CO that I wasn't court martialed, or even received an Article 15.  If you want more details, you can contact me off-list.

I think people willing to buck authority and societal pressure are a lot more common than you believe.  Your world view seems to be corrupted, rather than enlightened, by your family's history in Russia.  I'd take a long, hard look at that.

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