Defining Terrorism

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Wed Jun 26 18:07:36 MDT 2013

>I don't need your stories about Mother Russia, either, every email message
> you concoct has some relation to it

Is that your way of saying you have lost this argument? :-)

Have you ever lived in a culture that did not believe the American
values? When you construct your arguments do you realize that America
- even though a great country to which I chose to move - represents
only a small fraction of the world?  Can you imagine for a second that
there might be people in the world, in fact being in majority, that do
not take for granted what you take for granted?

What I have observed from living in two different cultures with one of
them experiencing a drastic change during my lifetime is that the
majority of the people will act in accordance with the beliefs of
their peers and what is spread through mass media regardless of the
quality of the moral fabric that those ideas are made out of. Based on
that principle, although I realize it is apparently hard for you to
imaging growing up in anything other than what you've grown up in - it
was hard for me until I came to the US, if you had grown up with
perverse ideas, unless you have some exceptional qualities that are
found maybe in one out of a hundred thousand, you would go with the
flow when you saw something that we consider outrageous in the US -
think about how many Nazi officers carried out mass execution orders
without much of a second thought. If you were there, what are the
chances that you would have refused or even just sabotaged the order?

So I decided to call your bluff on that example.

Sasha Pachev

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