Defining Terrorism

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Wed Jun 26 17:18:02 MDT 2013

Slow down and think more clearly about what you are saying.
You have a real mental disconnect.  You say that if you knew for a fact
there were babies being slaughtered you would step up to the plate.
Yet you know for a fact that they are and yet you have not stepped up to
the plate.

Violence is not solved by violence.  Your 1 man hit squad would make no
impact and it would turn the abortionists into martyrs, further degrading
your cause.

All morality is relative.  There is no such thing as universal morality,
this is a fallacy stemming from religious indoctrination.
You should do what it is you perceive to be right, but you should be
prepared to face the consequences both positive and negative stemming from
those actions.

The morality of our society is enshrined in our declaration of independence
our constitution and our bill of rights and all other subsequent
legislation and all other common law decisions that further elaborate on
this morality.  Our laws grant a monopoly on the use of force and violence
to the State.

However that is because we are a society that orders itself by laws.  We
have setup a 3 fold system of checks and balances to prevent the desires
and subjective morality of the many from infringing upon the rights of
everyone else including the minority.  Our laws set a steep penalty for
usurping the monopoly on use of force granted to the State, while at the
same time enshrining a right to do so (2nd amendment).

Also Sasha, keep talking.  It is a right you have to say what you want to
say (freedom of speech) and those who choose to ignore you can easily do so
through technological means.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Joshua Fenio <std3rr at> wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 3:50 PM, Sasha Pachev <sasha at> wrote:
> >
> > Are you so sure about that? If you had grown up in a culture that,
> > let's say, taught that a child only kind of has a soul until he is one
> > so killing him before that is only kind of bad but not too bad, there
> > was no popular support for wrecking the shop, and there was a system
> > in place that would make sure you got executed for doing so, you would
> > need an extraordinary amount of inspiration and courage to see through
> > the lie you've been taught and to act on the vision.
> I'm not talking about relavistic morality and it's relation to society, I'm
> talking about something you are convinced is wrong, tell everyone how wrong
> they are for not believing in you and whatever theory you hold, and allow
> the offending act to still take place.  I made an analogy out of something
> most people in the United States would agree is horrible:  thousands of
> four month old babies being murdered en masse.
> I don't need your stories about Mother Russia, either, every email message
> you concoct has some relation to it.  That's fine that you and your family
> were cowed by communism and oppression - I can assure you (and anyone who
> knows me would agree) that if I hold a belief strongly, I'm going to do
> something about it.  If I _knew_ (not suspected) there were 4 month old
> infants being slaughtered in Salt Lake City, I would immediately take
> action.  I wouldn't go through courts, I wouldn't petition my congressman -
> I'd execute anyone involved in the killing of the children.  You can roll
> THOSE quarters and take em to the bank.
> If people want to rant and rave about Obama being the Anti-Christ
> incarnate, they better be willing to step up over it, or instead confront
> the mental health issues that led to that frame of mind.
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