Defining Libertarianism (was Defining Terrorism)

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Wed Jun 26 14:44:32 MDT 2013

The best way to change the current system is to redefine what money is.
However we already had that debate.
Still if you couldn't hoard money and were required to "use it or lose it"
economic disparity would probably go away.
We are rapidly entering a world where the means of production is controlled
by individuals.  Machines like the reprap are proof of this and the first
babysteps in that direction.
While bitcoin is not the answer to money,
I think a cryptocurrency that places the means of monetary production into
the hands of individuals is the correct solution.

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> On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:48:01 Alan Young wrote:
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> > > problems.  Voter turnout as you mentioned is a huge example of one of
> > > them.  However, in my opinion, the basic structure of our government
> > > is the best one i've seen that I believe will last the longest and
> > > remain the most stable in the long term.
> >
> > Perhaps we can structure it such that you earn your citizenship by
> > voting each year.
> Great, now they're pointing guns at me to vote too? :-/
> What happens if I fail to vote, I get deported?
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