Defining Terrorism

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Oohhh, this is good.  I don't have time to respond right now but I
definitely will - possibly not until tomorrow, sadly.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 4:14 PM, Matthew Frederico <mfrederico at> wrote:
> I don't want to sound like a terrorism expert, but I know a little about
> terrorism first hand ..
> I spent some time in Ireland during some of the formative IRA years.  I
> feel I have a small understanding of what Terrorism is.  Any lurkers who
> spent time in South Africa, or even North Africa who may shed more
> enlightenment on this subject please chime in.   Drive by shootings, fire
> bombings of churches, homes and cars occupied and unoccupied.  I've walked
> through streets filled with burnt down homes and angry mobs throwing
> molotov cocktails at each other, with cars and gas tanker trucks on fire,
> smoke so thick from burning homes that you can't see the sky ..
> From my experience - What I can tell you is that terrorism is a word used
> by a force regime, media outlet, or governmental faction to create a
> sympathetic ear towards a specific agenda by utilizing gratuitous violence
> as a means to sway public opinion.   This happens all throughout history
> where "the means justify the ends" .. So what a few lives are lost to drive
> home a point about liberty? - whether it be a faction believes we have too
> much, or too little.
> It's quite depressing - hearing gunshots, women wailing over their children
> being in the wrong place at the wrong time, pools of blood in city parks -
> Masked gunmen killing people with AK-47's in a country where incidentally
> guns are completely ILLEGAL ..
> Or perhaps terrorism is only terrorism if you look at it from one point of
> view?  Depending on how you "spin" it - The other side of terrorism is
> "self defense and sovereignty."  Just like the IRA were defending their
> right and liberty to have the republic of Ireland as a sovereign nation to
> secede from England .. sound familiar?
> War is just one big giant act of terrorism and all you honest veterans know
> it.  It's like brutalizing your neighbor in the middle of the night, then
> turning around and selling them an alarm system, cameras and guns in the
> name of safety.  It's all racketeering ..
> At least the IRA had the decency to "call in" their bomb threats ... Often
> the police and military did nothing and innocent lives were lost.  Sound
> familiar?
> On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Kyle Waters <unum at> wrote:
>> On 06/25/2013 06:25 PM, Joshua Fenio wrote:
>>> You know, I can forgive you for being mind-numbingly dumb, but what I
>>> can't
>>> forgive is this: if you believe the government has been taken over by
>>> secret Muslims and that America is murdering service members and
>>> diplomats,
>>> why aren't you attacking the Capitol right now?  Why aren't you rebelling?
>>>   Where's your militia at?  You're either dumb but have some subconscious
>>> realization that you're wrong, or you're a coward.  A big coward.
>>     I want to go the opposite direction with this. Keep praying. You
>> arguments are identical to Timothy McVeigh's and Terry Nicohls. Keep in
>> mind they are now in a federal penitentiary and will not be leaving.  They
>> too thought the government had been taken over by people bent on
>> prosecuting Christians.  They had plenty of evidence: Ruby Ridge, Waco.
>>  The federal government was launching assaults on "Christian" sects.  The
>> prophesies  were being fulfilled.  All of this had been explained to them
>> by the gun merchants at the gun conventions that they assisted with(It's
>> been explained to me by an other member of this list).  So they decided
>> they needed to act, to strike back at the federal government before it was
>> too late.  So they blew up a bunch of little children.  Don't do that.
>>  Serious don't do that.  Pray all you want, but don't blow up anyone
>> especially little children(some of the people on this list have mocked me
>> for thinking about those little children, but I continue to think about
>> them frequently).
>>     In the end they learned that most Americans were O.K. with the federal
>> government shooting and killing a child molester, and you'll find most of
>> us our O.K. with people being told "jokes" about shooting people aren't
>> funny, and that a few people being mistakenly arrested and then paid for it
>> isn't going to bother most people either.  You really should read other
>> sources on that story about people being arrested for proselytizing there's
>> much more to it(multiple groups some of who were acting illegally and the
>> cops relying on witness testimony for who that included, the cops made a
>> mistake but they didn't intentionally arrest people for proselytizing).  So
>> calm down take a deep breath.  Keep praying and asking for guidance for
>> your family, and above all don't kill anyone.
>> Kyle
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