Top Commands to Diagnose Performance of Your Linux System

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Wed Jun 26 13:16:13 MDT 2013

Thus said "Jared W. Robinson" on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 12:30:59 -0600:

> I've used 'sar'  in the past, and  I like 'iotop'. 'ionice'  is a cool
> tool as well.

sar is nice when you can get it.

> I wish it were as easy to  diagnose what consumes my IO on Windows. It
> seems l ike everything there runs as a thread in svchost, and so I get
> no transparency into which program is to blame -- backup, AV, etc.

It  certainly is  more  difficult  with the  default  columns that  Task
Manager/Processes  shows.  You  do  know, however,  that  you  can  add
additional  columns  to  the  Task Manager/Processes  window?  It  will
actually show you some cool stats like disk I/O (write/read), memory and
paging  deltas, and  a couple  dozen  other things.  That still  doesn't
eliminate  the svhost  problem you  mention, but  at least  for uniquely
named processes it helps considerably.

Click View->Select Columns and choose the ones that interest you.

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