Defining Terrorism

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed Jun 26 13:14:53 MDT 2013

On 06/25/2013 06:25 PM, Joshua Fenio wrote:
> You know, I can forgive you for being mind-numbingly dumb, but what I can't
> forgive is this: if you believe the government has been taken over by
> secret Muslims and that America is murdering service members and diplomats,
> why aren't you attacking the Capitol right now?  Why aren't you rebelling?
>   Where's your militia at?  You're either dumb but have some subconscious
> realization that you're wrong, or you're a coward.  A big coward.

     I want to go the opposite direction with this. Keep praying. You 
arguments are identical to Timothy McVeigh's and Terry Nicohls. Keep in 
mind they are now in a federal penitentiary and will not be leaving.  
They too thought the government had been taken over by people bent on 
prosecuting Christians.  They had plenty of evidence: Ruby Ridge, Waco.  
The federal government was launching assaults on "Christian" sects.  The 
prophesies  were being fulfilled.  All of this had been explained to 
them by the gun merchants at the gun conventions that they assisted 
with(It's been explained to me by an other member of this list).  So 
they decided they needed to act, to strike back at the federal 
government before it was too late.  So they blew up a bunch of little 
children.  Don't do that.  Serious don't do that.  Pray all you want, 
but don't blow up anyone especially little children(some of the people 
on this list have mocked me for thinking about those little children, 
but I continue to think about them frequently).

     In the end they learned that most Americans were O.K. with the 
federal government shooting and killing a child molester, and you'll 
find most of us our O.K. with people being told "jokes" about shooting 
people aren't funny, and that a few people being mistakenly arrested and 
then paid for it isn't going to bother most people either.  You really 
should read other sources on that story about people being arrested for 
proselytizing there's much more to it(multiple groups some of who were 
acting illegally and the cops relying on witness testimony for who that 
included, the cops made a mistake but they didn't intentionally arrest 
people for proselytizing).  So calm down take a deep breath.  Keep 
praying and asking for guidance for your family, and above all don't 
kill anyone.


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