Most Used Commands

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Wed Jun 26 13:07:47 MDT 2013

Thus said Jared Smith on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 13:44:45 -0400:

> Definitely. Another  thing that  strikes me  as odd  is the  fact that
> nobody has "pushd" and  "popd" on their list -- I  use that *way* more
> often than "cd".

I used  pushd/popd for a little  while, but for my  usage patterns, they
weren't  significantly  better than  ``cd''  followed  by ``/cd  -''  to
warrant switching.

> Once I  learned those  commands, I've  had a hard  time going  back to
> regular old "cd", except for quick trival directory changes.

Beyond the cd/cd  - usage, what else  do *you* do with  them that caused
you to switch?

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