Most Used Commands

Mike Lovell mike at
Tue Jun 25 20:00:50 MDT 2013

this is what i have for on my work box.

575 ssh
173 cd
152 ls
145 sudo
100 ping
  69 vi
  65 git
  61 telnet
  41 scp
  39 ssh-keygen
  36 man
  32 host
  27 echo
  26 ip
  25 python
  25 /opt/qemu.git/bin/qemu-system-x86_64
  23 grep
  23 dpkg
  21 apt-cache
  20 ipmitool

mostly things for talking to or checking other things on the network. i 
have telnet in there because of all the networking gear that was set up 
before i took over the network and pretty much every piece of managed 
network gear is getting whole new config this coming friday. managing 
those will all be ssh after that.

the history for root on the same box had just 7 entries with 6 commands, 
usermod, visudo, sync, echo, nc, and virt-manager, and the root 
.bash_history file hasn't been written too since jan 17th, 2013. after a 
couple years of forcing myself, i have the muscle memory of sudo'ing for 
anything needing root permissions and i don't think there is any login 
ability for root on my box.


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