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Actually I think that is precisely their reasoning.  Panama has a lot of
laws and there is a good chance if you;re doing something that's dangerous
illegal (selling drugs, killing people etc), that you'll be caught and
prosecuted.  On the other hand if you liked the country and decide you
don't want to leave they really do just want you to pay your taxes.  I
guess their assumption is that people who want to be there so bad they
would risk deportation etc must really want to be there.

I talked to a few US expats who had gone to Panama set themselves up
alright with a restaurant or whatever and then ended up becoming citizens
by virtue of the amnesty programs.  Fact is immigrants tend to create more
jobs than they take.  At least in Panama, same thing in Ecuador.  Invest
$25k in Ecuador and you are a citizen, period.  They also have a class of
permanent residency that leads to Citizenship that requires no investment
just a 4 year degree or better.  You hear horror stories of how weird their
immigration system is, but it's really because bureaucracy is very slow to
react to changes to the law.

Here's an example.  I went to Ecuador on a tourist visa.  Got caught up in
a project that caused me to overstay my visa by more than double.  On the
way out of the country they gave me two choices.  Write a letter (in
spanish) explaining why I stayed so long, or get a stamp that says I can't
come back for 18 months.  I wrote the letter (2pages) and they traded me
that letter for a visa (really nothing more than a sticker with a hologram)
that lets me come and go as I choose for the next 12 months.  No fee, no
charge, no arrest and other no hassle other than the letter.

Countries in Central and South America have been doing a lot of things to
try and attract people who will be of benefit to their economies.  I still
stand by my previous assertion that Ecuador is like the USA circa 1950 and
is about to embark on the same type of growth that we experienced from the
50's to the 70's.  They also have the advantage of technology and
hindsight.  Probably helps that their president is an economist and not a
lawyer too.  Still I think their President is making himself to be a target
for another coup or assisination attempt.  He keeps kicking US businesses
to keep them in line.  Previous leaders who acted in a similar fashion have
ended up on the wrong side of the CIAs lists as evidenced by my previous

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> On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 5:02 PM, S. Dale Morrey <sdalemorrey at gmail.com
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> > Panama has a regular process of rounding up
> > illegal immigrants and granting them citizenship.
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> That just sounds like good business--track then tax.
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