Defining Terrorism

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Right both incidents were local Gov.  The difference is the DOJ and FBI stepped in to help one group and not the other. 

I'm being very sincere when I say I am amazed that you saw what the Muslim culture is all about and yet you do not see the threat here in the US.

You say the US is not being taken over by Muslims?  Our Prez was taught in a Muslim school for part of his formative years.   Could go on and on, but I will not.   There has been information come out that the about our prez being in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

I have not read all the articles, however there are a lot of them.  Search Google for "obama muslim brotherhood" and you will find a lot of them.

>From what I have read it is possible that Stevens and others were abandoned in Benghazi because they knew too much about trafficking American weapons to Muslims. It is just a theory at this point.  However it is plausible.

You have to ask yourself, especially since you were in the military, why did our Federal Government, especially Clinton and BO do nothing.  In fact the order was given to stand down.

Is that what Americans do?  Not in my time and I speculate not in your time either.

While you might find me grotesque, you will someday find that I uttered truth. 

Several weeks ago several people stated the tinfoil hat's were correct.  You called me a tinfoil hat for talking about what the Gov was doing and once you discovered what I was saying was true, I heard things like "I usually do not embrace the tinfoil hats...".

And by the way, the NSA is not looking for Muslims in my emails, phone calls, or any place else associated with me.  They are looking to control, nothing more. 

Just like the database that BO has that has a record of everyone in it, remember the the maxine waters video? 

I'm not reading things I believe in.  That does me no good.  I am reading were the real truth is.  Listening to your radio on the way to work and back and watching the 6 o'clock news is not going to get you informed.  You must open your mind and dig deep. 

The truth is out there you just have to find it.  It is not all in one place nor is any one source free from spin.  Michael Moore has some truth as does  I do not agree with everything Hannity says, however he has value.  Nor do I agree with , however I look at that site anyway. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Gov knows the masses will disregard people like me.  That is how they are able to build this .  Everyone is running around saying stuff like they are looking for terrorist.  Maybe, but that is not all they are doing. 

While I might wear a tinfoil hat you wear blinders.  


Keith Smith

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I think you need to read up on this subject.  You fail to understand the true threat.

All of your links so far have been about local governments acting idiotically.  I do understand the true threat.  Local police and local governments are much more dangerous to your rights, in all practical terms.   You have local police everywhere that have been militarized and trained to dehumanize the population they're supposed to help.  They suppress the people's rights actively a whole lot more than the federal government does.

The fact that I'm even responding to you is ridiculous.  "You fail to understand the true threat" isn't even an argument, it's a fallacy.  You can't tell me to respond with facts then dismiss them, with the reason "you're wrong".  I mean, seriously.

And brother, if you think for one second that if I got even one whiff that "the government was being taken over by Muslims", or whatever notion you're implying, that I wouldn't be up in arms immediately, you're wrong.  I watched a 13 year old girl have three of her fingers cut off, just south of Kunduz, because she had the audacity to wear fucking NAIL POLISH.  The government isn't conspiring with Muslims - it's sacrificing and violating our Constitutional RIGHTS in their overzealous pursuit of Muslim terrorists.

I suggest YOU start reading.  And not just books and articles that happen to agree with your twisted worldview.  Those of us who are sane and want to fix America and restore our rights are drowned out by idiots like you every day, and I, for one, am sick of it.

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