Most Used Commands

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Tue Jun 25 17:15:01 MDT 2013

I am installing a new system. I wanted to know which commands I use most
frequently on my older systems so I could be sure they were added to the new
box. I chose a VM I am often on and analyzed my bash history. The results,
quite frankly, surprised me. Taking in to account the last 6000 commands run:
* I have ran 67 uniq commands as my regular user
* I have ran 90 uniq commands as root.

Below are the top ten commands I've used:
# Regular User
    311 ssh
    100 less
     69 ls
     64 screen
     59 ping
     58 su
     50 whois
     48 vim
     48 dig
     29 cd

# Root
    248 ls
    148 salt
    103 cd
     95 vim
     53 service
     37 tail
     39 cat
     38 yum
     35 git
     28 rm

This got me thinking. How does this list compare to the top commands used by
other PLUGers? If you are trying to figure out what skills to add to your
ninja belt, what can your command history teach you? One thing I've learned is
that I should probably study up on the options to 'ls' ;-)


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