Defining Terrorism

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Tue Jun 25 16:51:55 MDT 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 4:11 PM, Jessie A. Morris
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> That's where I think the biggest problem with Libertarianism lies. There isn't
> even agreement between Libertarians about what Libertarianism is. Personally,
> I identify with Anarcho-Capitalism, which is exactly what you describe. I am
> an anarchist at heart. Do I think that's likely or realistic in my lifetime?
> No. Do I hope that someday all interactions will be voluntary? Yes.
> A lot of self-identified libertarians identify with Mirarchism (see
> Basically, some think that
> Government has a role in courts, fire, police, etc. and that the private
> sector should not or could not provide good enough services to replace the
> government.
> Regardless, most Libertarians want to reduce the use of force as much as they
> see realistic.

Interesting.  I find these ideas fascinating.

Perhaps i'm a bit pessimistic, but I don't think either of these ideas
would work for very long.  I think it's human nature to exploit others
for personal gain.  This will eventually cause all non-regulated
anarchies and/or non-regulated capitalistic societies to eventually
lead to monopoly, de-facto dictator, and general bourgeoisie vs.
proletariat society, followed by revolution.

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