Defining Terrorism

Joshua Fenio std3rr at
Tue Jun 25 16:46:19 MDT 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 4:37 PM, keith smith <klsmith2020 at> wrote:

> Facts please.

Literally 5 seconds Google searching.  I could post on and on, but you get
the picture.  And I didn't even have to post to a WordPress blog.

The whole infrastructure to spy on Americans since 9/11 has revolved around
Islamic terrorism.  Do you really think the FBI or any other government
agency is expending resources that are even close to those being spent
investigating fundamentalist Muslims?  Really?

The reasons I've, and presumably most everyone else, been protesting the
PATRIOT Act and it's related un-Constitutional warrantless surveillance is
because if they can target Muslims for simply their beliefs (as evidenced
in the above articles), they can target you or me for whatever else they
want to deem as "terrorism".  But, y'know, the spying on Muslims is kind of
a big part of the equation.  Crikey, dude.  Do you not realize that?


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