Defining Terrorism

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I think anyone who posts such a picture should be removed from public office or fired if an employee of the Gov.  It is offensive.

It, in my opinion, is not illegal though.  Lots of people dislike my Christian stance and say things that are rude and disparaging.  However it is not illegal until they threaten someone personally or act in an illegal manner. 

Saying something stupid is not illegal.  Posting a stupid off color picture is not illegal either.  

My problem is with the DOJ and the FBI going out of their way to protect a certain class.  The 14th Amendment says equal protection.  Not favoritism.       


Keith Smith

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> It was not a threat.  It was not something I would condone, however it was
> not a threat.  Who is the victim?

Thought experiment!  Let's say a Muslim man who is a city commissioner
posts this:

Should he be fired or recalled?  Should someone investigate?

I don't really know if someone should be fired for either, or even
investigated.  I'd just put it down as ignorance and bad taste, both of
which we have a lot of here in the United States (and elsewhere, for that
matter).    And not vote for the guy.


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