Defining Terrorism

Jessie A. Morris jessie at
Tue Jun 25 16:11:40 MDT 2013

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 16:04:13 Kyle Waters wrote:
> On 06/25/2013 03:56 PM, Jessie A. Morris wrote:
> > As a libertarian, I want *all* interactions to be by choice, not
> > coerced or forced.
> Maybe you can help me with this.  I once asked a self described
> libertarian where he drew the line on government
> involvement(roads,police, fire,parks), and he got all mad at me and said
> he's not an anarchist, but your definition seems to be identical to
> anarchy.  Should I continue to equate the two?
> Kyle

That's where I think the biggest problem with Libertarianism lies. There isn't 
even agreement between Libertarians about what Libertarianism is. Personally, 
I identify with Anarcho-Capitalism, which is exactly what you describe. I am 
an anarchist at heart. Do I think that's likely or realistic in my lifetime? 
No. Do I hope that someday all interactions will be voluntary? Yes.

A lot of self-identified libertarians identify with Mirarchism (see Basically, some think that 
Government has a role in courts, fire, police, etc. and that the private 
sector should not or could not provide good enough services to replace the 

Regardless, most Libertarians want to reduce the use of force as much as they 
see realistic.

Jessie A. Morris
jessie at

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