Defining Terrorism

Jessie A. Morris jessie at
Tue Jun 25 15:56:00 MDT 2013

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 15:45:59 Joshua Fenio wrote:
> Does that mean you shouldn't complain or protest these violations of your
> rights?  Absolutely not!  But you can't start screaming about ridiculous
> conspiracy theories and expect to be taken seriously.  If that's one thing
> libertarians have going against them, it's that.

Hey now, not all of us libertarians are conspiracy theorists. I think a lot of 
Tea Party like and Republican like people have started claiming to be 
"Libertarians" without fully understanding what it is.

The core tenant of Libertarianism is generally not considered to be small 
government, but to reduce the use of force as much as possible. That all 
initiation of force is wrong. See for more about the non-aggression principle.

It isn't necessarily that we think that the free market will always provide a 
better solution (though many do believe that), but that we think that all 
initiation of force is wrong, and taxes are done at the threat of force, which 
makes them wrong.

As a libertarian, I want *all* interactions to be by choice, not coerced or 

Jessie A. Morris
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