Defining Terrorism

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Jun 25 15:52:16 MDT 2013

O.K. Now it all makes sense.

So an ELECTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL "joked" about shooting members of a 
specific religion, and the some other government officials said we 
should have a meeting about what's funny and what's not.  That's not 
really taking away your civil rights.

Sorry, but you do not have a civil right to suggest that people who 
belong to a different religion should be shot.  This is not "any 
disparaging statements ".  This is a threat of violence against a 
specific religious group by a government official.  The fact that you 
think it should be legal for government employees to suggest that we 
shoot people of a different religion really concerns me. You can keep 
telling me it's a "joke" but the suggestion that we murder innocent 
people will NEVER be funny to me.  So I can't even understand that argument.


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