Defining Terrorism

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Tue Jun 25 14:57:18 MDT 2013

I ask the same thing?  What law?  Law does not seem to matter any longer.

Killian and the FBI want us to know it is against federal law to speak 
out against political Islam. What federal law? Where is it against the 
law to speak your mind in a free America? The mere thought that the DOJ 
and the FBI can come into small town America and say what we can and 
cannot do is preposterous and begs one to ask what are their motives 
inside our Constitutional Republic and where they are aligned?


Keith Smith

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On 06/25/2013 02:40 PM, keith smith wrote:
> Recently the DOJ and FBI stated if you make any disparaging statements against a Muslim you might be charged with a crime.  A clear violation of my 1st Amendment rights and clearly done to oppress me, and therefore and act of terrorism.

"any disparaging statements"  under which statute would you be charged?


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