Defining Terrorism

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Nathan is about as conservative as they come.  He is on the right side.  Oh and he is on the right.


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"I'm beginning to wonder whose side you are on!"

Ending your post like that made your whole rant sound like a Jon Stewart monolog making fun of  conservative talk radio.

I don't know whose side you are on, but I voted for Kodos.

If we are going to discuss terrorism, can we discuss the real kind? Here are some great examples:


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> On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 03:24:33 PM Daniel C. wrote:
> I don't disagree with you. But in the real world, terrorism is not defined as "death by explosion" 
> at the least convenient time. Terrorism is defined as someone who incites terror. 
> Plenty of government agencies and political groups use fear to coerce people to do what they 
> want, how is that not terrorism? You scare the crap out of people so they fear for their own lives.
> Personally, I like your definition. Unfortunately, that is not how the dictionary characterizes it. I 
> am not watering it down by including political groups, the government did when they began 
> labelling me because I cary a bible with me and my wife and girls dress like women instead of 
> two bit whores.
> Oh, I also carry a pocket constitution with me.
> It's okay to label me as a terrorist, so long as I don't say the government is involved also? I'm 
> beginning to wonder whose side you are on!

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