Defining Terrorism

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Tue Jun 25 14:27:45 MDT 2013

I agree with Nathan.  We are being terrorized by our own Gov.  It does cause fear.  The more I learn about my Gov the more fearful I became.  I, like Nathan carry a Bible and try to live by it.  I read the Constitution regularly.  

The Gov wants you to report me if I use cash.  There is a no fly list.  How do you get on it?  Who maintains it?  How do you get off that list?

The Gov says veterans might be a terrorist.
The Gov says Christian might be a terrorist.
The Gov says right to life folks might be a terrorist.
The Gov says anyone with a non-mainstream political candidate bumper sticker on their car might be a terrorist.
The Gov says gun owners might be a terrorist.

On and on and on.....

How many list must I be on?

I am constantly terrorized by my Gov.  The irony is I just want to live in peace and be left alone.  I an veteran, an ex-police officer, ex-Army National Guardsman, a small business owner, and I pay my taxes. 

So why is it when I have done everything right, I live in fear of my Gov? That is terrorism.

What about all the conservative groups that were terrorized by the IRS.  Where they terrorized?

Speaking of the IRS, most everyone I know is deathly afraid of the IRS.  That is terrorism.  
What about the Americans who died at Benghazi?  Was that terrorize by our Gov?  Our Gov left those people to die.

Fast and Furious?  Was that an act of Terrorism?

What about voter intimidation was that an act of terrorism?  Yes it was.  Pleople were afraid to go to the poles.  I'm not talking 60 years ago in the deep South, I'm talking

Shall I go on?


Keith Smith

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On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 03:24:33 PM Daniel C. wrote:

> Seriously, dude?  Really?  You're going to compare "My kids can't go
> to school" and "my house might burn down" with "I might be minding my
> own business when suddenly my body is ripped to shreds in a thunderous
> explosion, and there is absolutely no way I can predict when or where
> this might happen"?
> Don't be ridiculous.  Budget cuts aren't terrorism, and using the word
> terrorism to describe them waters down the meaning of the word and
> cheapens the reality of people who actually live in terror that their
> lives may be snuffed out at any moment for no reason.
> That, incidentally, is my definition of terror: the threat that you
> might die at any moment, and that you have no reasonable recourse or
> option to avoid sudden death from an anonymous source.  By "no
> reasonable recourse or option" I mean that there is nothing you can do
> without substantially upsetting your life that will keep you safe:
> converting to Islam, staying indoors constantly, and moving yourself
> and your entire family to a different country all count as
> unreasonable.  Getting mugged, having your house burn down and not
> having a place to store the kids during the day don't qualify.

I don't disagree with you. But in the real world, terrorism is not defined as "death by explosion" 
at the least convenient time. Terrorism is defined as someone who incites terror. 

Plenty of government agencies and political groups use fear to coerce people to do what they 
want, how is that not terrorism? You scare the crap out of people so they fear for their own lives.

Personally, I like your definition. Unfortunately, that is not how the dictionary characterizes it. I 
am not watering it down by including political groups, the government did when they began 
labelling me because I cary a bible with me and my wife and girls dress like women instead of 
two bit whores.

Oh, I also carry a pocket constitution with me.

It's okay to label me as a terrorist, so long as I don't say the government is involved also? I'm 
beginning to wonder whose side you are on!


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