Defining Terrorism

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Tue Jun 25 08:37:41 MDT 2013

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 08:20:27 Steve Meyers wrote:
> I'm going to have to disagree with you here.  I'm not saying that any of
> these things you bring up were affairs the U.S. should have been
> involved in, but I don't think they qualify as "terrorism".  Meddling in
> the affairs of other countries?  Yes, definitely.  But I'm just not
> seeing anything in the links you provided to support your suggestion
> that the U.S. is involved in terrorism.
> The closest would be Operation Cyclone, since that led to Osama bin
> Laden's rise.
> Steve

The other one that comes to mind is Operation Northwoods. Though it didn't go 
all the way through, there was significant planning around it. Basically, the 
federal government was going to perform a false flag operation[1] to change 
the hearts and minds of citizens to go to war with Cuba. It would include fake 
attacks on US bases, media reports, etc. Had they gone through with it, I most 
certainly consider that terrorism.

Who knows if there are other attempts that are still classified? The thought 
and notion has certainly been there, so I wouldn't be surprised if they tried 
it again at a different point.


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