Did Ed Snowden do the right thing?

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Mon Jun 24 21:06:06 MDT 2013

Several weeks ago it came out that Obama has everyone's census data and will be using it in future elections.  This is the short clip.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIA1lQBqH1s

I think the census is for districting and number of U.S.Representatives.  

I do not understand why anyone would want the gov to collect all this info.  What do they use it for?

Is it safe?  Not at all.  Anyone who thinks otherwise has not been paying attention.  


Keith Smith

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To be fair, the Census is a power enumerated in the constitution.
Knowledge of this information does help with a vital aspect of government
which is the economic planning for the country. Individual census data is
sealed and strictly protected for decades.  I can't say as I would enjoy
it, but just like voting & jury duty, the census is something necessary to
the proper operation of a representative government, therefore it really is
your duty as a citizen to comply with the request/demand.

The extra additional questions may seem a bit intrusive, but they really
are just aggregated, the data isn't going to be used for nefarious
purposes.  Even if you put in something completely different from the IRS &
Census data, for instance you wouldn't get an audit because the IRS isn't
allowed access to that particular set of information.

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> On 06/10/2013 12:33 PM, Nathan England wrote:
>> On Monday, June 10, 2013 10:23:49 AM Matthew Frederico wrote:
>>> Thoughts?
>> Oh well. Matthew has a good point. At least *this* is doing something. Of
>> course, it's
>> much harder when you've got a wife and a handful of kids to take care
>> of...
> I hear that.  My wife and I had a very serious conversation when we were
> "chosen" ("you've been chosen") for the special US census survey that asked
> all kinds of private details (mortgage values, commute times, home values,
> medical insurance information, etc), and filling it out was required by law
> under threat of both fines and jail time for not complying.  It was the
> spammiest thing I've ever gotten outside of please-helpme-move-massive-**sum-to-your-bank-account
> emails.  My wife and I began a very serious discussion about how far we
> were willing to go to protest the intrusive census; a survey we felt was
> far in excess of the census designated in the constitution.  We wrote
> letters to our representatives, made a stink on facebook, talked to
> everyone we knew about it, and began making backup plans in case things got
> ugly.  We had a number of sleepless nights, and were very grateful to Ron
> Paul for proposing that participation in the census be changed from
> mandatory to voluntary, and the federal penalties dropped.
> We all probably did the same thing last year with the SOPA fiasco. We
> wrote letters, signed petitions, blacked-out websites.  Granted, writing
> letters is not likely to quickly return us to the glory days of the late
> 18th century, but the response I've seen from the untold number of people
> writing letters has been surprising to me.
> Grazie,
> ;-Daniel Fussell
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