Tier I datacenter in the garage?

keith smith klsmith2020 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 24 09:14:37 MDT 2013

I know a guy who runs multiple servers out of his garage.  He built a wooden enclosure with shelves made of wood.  He uses portable a/c units to keep everything cool.

I have one server that I run out of my home office that connects via Cox Business. It was an experiment, a vehicle to learn from, and something to blog about.  So far so good.

What if you were to buy or build a reasonably powerful server that would allow visualization?  Then you could build servers to your heart content with less to manage hardware wise and no need to buy or build a rack.. A/C... etc.  Just put the box in your home office.  

If you are paying $100 a month for AWS, then you will probably save money, however you will spend more time managing your own server(s).  That is the trade off.  And of course you will have more control. 


Keith Smith

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Wow I know, nerdy title huh?  Sounds like something out of slashdot, but
here's what's going on.

Short story, I have Utopia and some downtime.  So I also have a bunch of
projects going on that I'm currently hosting on AWS infrastructure.  Most
of these are proof of concept things and spinning up an AWS instance and
slapping up something is a great way to prototype.

Nevertheless my AWS bill is starting to get spendy.
I have a 100MB Utopia fiber connection coming into the house and I have a
garage that has a ton of excess floor space.  The garage door doesn't work
and the only access is via the house through a door in the kitchen.

I would like to stick a rack in my garage and put in some servers so I can
do what I've been doing with AWS.  That is rapidly prototype a bunch of
ideas and get some proof of concepts up either to satisfy my own curiosity
or to show potential customers/clients if any of these ideas actually work

Mid July I'm expecting payment for a couple of projects I worked on while
in Ecuador and I think I'd like to invest that in a rack and some boxes to
stick in it.  I only have a small car so I wouldn't be able to bring it
here, but if anyone is willing to sell me a rack and possibly bring it here
I would love to know about it.  Also if anyone has some boxes they would
like to let go cheap, I would love to hear about those as well.

Thanks in advance!

p.s.  Not sure if I mentioned this, but I am back from Ecuador now.

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